The classic definition of art, that it is “a piece of reality seen through an artist’s temperament” fits exactly on Tina Tramps works. She observes she interprets and she conveys her love of life, form and nature. She sets her subjectivity in motion while she is creating what she senses in the moment. For it is basically the only reliable guide, as a human being and an artist she can use.

It is the danish author Nørretranders who once described consciousness as the top small tip of all the sensations and impressions flowing through man. Our senses and what they receive, is far larger and more comprehensive than our consciousness can ever manage to record, comprehend and process. But the many influences become layers in our bodily system and leaves tracks.

Therefore Tina Tramps life in close symbiosis with the sea, rocked shores and the forestground, obviously has great influence on her work. Perhaps we could – with the french writer Antoine De Saint-Exupery say – “Only with the heart can one see. The essential is invisible to the eye”. The quotation fits well with Tina Tramps artistic universe. She continually tries to portray, transform and vizualize the energy of everything in the unseen, all the hidden and secretive energy-flows of natures forms and its diversity.

Her works are in this sense hints, moods, feelings and fragments. Her work tell us that there is always something that is greater than ourselves. That nothing is what it seems to be. And one must mention her vibrant use of color. Her works glow with poetic softness and sharp color angles that sounds like music. Moving into her artistic universe is like walking the forestground, while listening to the ocean and looking up in the sky.

Man is a landscape. The landscape is human. Nature is a whole. Life is a wonderful gift. Such thoughts come to mind when you get caught by Tina Tramps artistic universe.

By Ole Lindboe (1948-2013) 2011 – Art critic and author. Principal of Kunsthøjskolen Thorstedlund and external lecturer at Danmarks Journalisthøjskole. Ole Lindboe produced art broadcasts for danish television (DK4) and he was editor of Magasinet Kunst.


“I am and so I am both unique and universal 

Tina Tramp