My mark

My intention is to create oneofakind, raw and poetic sculptural stoneware works. The concept of art which I use is entirely personal. I have developed my expression without having found any movement or school to be a part of, completely without academic preferences. When I started out as an artist I made a commitment to myself – I wanted to find my inner most authentic expression and from that place contemplate my own inner being. Therefore I have chosen to mark my works RAWBLOOM because the essence of this word comes the closest to what I percieve my inner most being is all about.

My artistic drive is a necessity of life. A dimension which arises in me because of a deep seated feeling of connectedness with nature and a conscious presence of the process of creation. My pieces are manifested through a practice of silencing my mind which allows my spirit and inner being to express itself deeply through clay and glaze in the flow of the now.

I have chosen to live surrounded by nature deep in the woods and the work I do in my small foreststudio is a lonely quiet process – I love being present in the now sensing my hands and body work with the chosen materials in the creative manifestation. I see myself as a sculptor – I travel my inner landscape and clay and glaze are the raw materials I have chosen for this personal manifestation of my spirit.